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How To Make Cream Puffs (detailed guide)

Everyone loves delicious cream puffs!

Luckily, they are really easy to make.

Follow the tips below to improve your own cream puffs recipe. Or even better, use my original cream puffs recipe and apply everything you learn here.

The result will be 100% perfect cream puffs.

P.S.: If your cream puffs always turn out too small or too flat, you find the solution in the Problems and Solutions section.​

Free Bonus: Click here to get my original cream puff recipe that I use every day to make 100% perfect cream puffs. It also includes the guide for making cream puff swans.

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How To Measure Ingredients Correctly

​Baking Is A Science

The members of my online baking class (at come from all over the world. We have pastry friends from the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia… and many other countries.

When I list the ingredients for a recipe, I must be sure that members in all countries will use the same amounts of ingredients as I do here in Germany.

With "same amounts", I mean the same proportions of weight.

​Baking is a combination of chemistry and physics. It's a lot like science.

Baking a cake gives the same results when the same ingredients and amounts are used, under the same conditions, following the same steps.

​That's great because it enables me to show you how to make perfect cakes, no matter where you live. There’s no guesswork.

And it all starts with measuring ingredients. I list the amounts in my recipes in units of weight: grams and ounces. In some countries, ingredients are also measured in units of volume like cups or liter.

Let’s see if that’s a good idea...

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